The Church In Great Notley

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This page simply provides a list of links to other organisations and web sites which provide additional relevant information which may be of interest to users of the Church in Great Notley web site.


Although we encourage you to look at their material, it is with the usual sensible disclaimer that we have no responsibility for, or control over, content external to our web site, and the Church in Great Notley would not necessarily approve of every piece of information displayed on the sites we link to.





Christian Enquiry Agency  – This web site provides a source of short and reasonably even-handed answers to common questions people ask about the Christian faith and the church. As it says, a good place to make initial enquiries.


Christian Aid  – This is the main charity that The Church in Great Notley frequently supports. Their web site is large and well resourced and provides plenty of information about Christian Aidís work - aid programmes to help world development projects; relief programmes to help with emergency relief around the world; and campaigning materials to help bring about political and social change for justice in the world.


The Baptist Times  – Acess copies of the Baptist Times.
The Baptist Times website